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Dear Charlie Nine

I just turned 41.  I don’t know what to tell you now.  Where do I begin here?  You’re getting really smart. You have an attitude sometimes.  You have energy levels I can only aspire to at this point.  You still run to hug me and yell “Daddy” and I love it every time.  You’re big… Read More »Dear Charlie Nine

Dear Codie

Dear Codie, Have I written you before? I hope so. I think I have. But I was better at writing Charlie letters, I’ll admit that. Sorry for that. When you’re older you may realize that having a second kid removes the rest of the margin left in your life from when you had just one.… Read More »Dear Codie

Dear Charlie Eight

Dear Charlie, You turned 6 two days ago. Wow. I gotta be honest with you up front – this has been a really tough year for me.  I found myself turning 40, still very out-of-shape, in a very bad job situation, with no time to think, rest, or least of all step back and enjoy life.  I’m… Read More »Dear Charlie Eight

September Sixth

Today I actually ended up getting up early. Problem is, I’m a day behind on the week’s work. One of the big downsides to being a one-man marketing department is you get no days off. I mean I can “take” a day off, but unless I planned ahead, those social posts aren’t going out without… Read More »September Sixth

Blogging for Productivity

I feel like I have heard of this practice elsewhere on the web, but perhaps not. I’m going to experiment with blogging my daily work, of a work and a personal nature, to attempt to hold myself accountable to get (even) more done each day. Completing my daily tasks for work generally takes 9 to… Read More »Blogging for Productivity

Let’s get our fit together.

This is a post inviting you to join my team for this summer’s Whole Life Challenge. It starts July 2nd and runs through Aug. 12th. What is it? It’s a team effort that is a commitment to a few basic healthy habits for about 6 weeks that improve your health. This graphic is a super-basic… Read More »Let’s get our fit together.

Dear Charlie 7

Hey kid,  I barely have the time to write this.  You just graduated VPK and are starting kindergarten in a couple of months.  You’re so smart and learning so much every day.  You’re in the phase of asking Google to play songs for you all the time.  Friend Like Me by Will Smith Pressure from… Read More »Dear Charlie 7