“Cliché: Los Angeles” or “Battle: Cliché”

“Maybe I can help. I’m a veterinarian.”

Recently watched Battle: Los Angeles, and I’m a little torn.

The movie was great on a lot of levels. Very action-packed and suspenseful.

Problem is basically too many cheesy movie cliches. like way too many.

From terrible tough guy one-liners to just plain stupid things that would never ever happen or work. I know that you’re suspending disbelief for the aliens to be overtaking LA in the first place, but the internal physics of the movie suggest it’s happening in real life, real times, realism abounding, except for the divinely protected protagonists who survive and pull off crazy things no one ever would survive or pull off. Several border on being on plot holes instead of hyperbole.

The invincible aliens shrug off being hosed with military firepower without slowing them down until maybe we figure out where to shoot them that will really damage them! Truly laughable moments abound that I won’t spoil for you here.

Having said all that, I definitely enjoyed watching it, despite the clichés. The action doesn’t ever stop long enough for me to lean back in my chair, save for one or two inspirational moments that left me crushing on Michelle Rodriguez more than I already did.

If you can prepare for an action-packed, popcorn/cheesy blockbuster that is two thirds Independence Day and one third Snakes on a Plane, You will have a blast watching this movie.

Here’s my tip. Johann Johannsson’s song for the Battle:LA is epic, amazing, and deep. The movie, however good, is not those things. Mute the trailer, and play AC/DC’s Back in Black while watching it. That seems to me a more accurate idea of the movie.

Agree? Disagree? Let me know.