Recap of 5 tools for Facebook Marketing.

If social media bores you, don’t read this. You’ve been warned.

Hubspot did a little webinar on 5 tools to Market with Facebook marketing today.

First off, they used Vcall to webcast, which is a strike right off. I’d never heard of them until today. First, it doesn’t work in Chrome. No good. Second, it crashed Firefox 4 twice, and the audio stuttered throughout. Finally, it slowed all my web traffic down. You may be thinking it’s my system, but it’s not. I watch other Hubspot and SEOmoz webinars regularly with no trouble at all. So, yeah, that’s a bit of a thumbs down for Vcall.

On to the knowledge. First, it’s important to note how important Facebook Fans are. They’re more desirable than Facebook users as a whole. They click links 5 times more often and have over twice as many Facebook friends as users do, on average.

Fans are hardcore Facebook users. Fans are looking for deals, news & community. Engaging your Facebook fans is about building loyalty, growth, and retention among existing customers. They’re looking for exclusive offers and benefits from being a fan, so that’s what you need to be offering.

And before you talk about ROI and not wasting social efforts on existing fans, you should know that 36% of fans buy more from your brand after becoming a fan.

And in case you hadn’t noticed, you need Like buttons on your site. No, really. They work. They build brand engagement on your site, and they share your product on facebook to more people which both builds brand awareness AND drives more traffic back to your site. And what’s the secret that makes that makes Likes far more desirable than Shares?

Likes allow you to target ads to specific fans, which is the most successful form of Facebook ad targeting. You can offer newer, similar, and discounted versions of a liked product to all of its fans and their friends too. Huzzah. Didn’t know that before today. Good job, Hubspot.

So, what are people liking more and more? Sadly, it’s the same thing that makes terrible reality TV popular: Sex, Arguments, Food. Seriously, Hubspot compared Facebook to Jersey Shore, which if I were Facebook, I’d be very offended. Other attendees did point out that the base level topics are probably not wise for strictly B2B Facebook Marketing, which is often seeking a bit higher thought level. God, I hate Jersey Shore.

You’re not still using “Updates” to inform your fans, are you? Well, then stop. They hardly ever get read. Use wall posts instead. Also, I’ll let you watch the webinar for the details, but Facebook has an algorithm for “EdgeRank,” which is what drives and creates the “Top News” Tab. You definitely need to have at LEAST 1% engagement on a wall post for it to start earning any EdgeRank.

It’s also important to note some simple facts about Facebook’s relationship to/with Google. First, Facebook is growing faster than Google is. Second, they are different marketing tools that work together and require you to develop different approaches to each. Facebook is demand generation. Your marketing is lifestyle-based and brand-driven. Google is demand fulfillment. This is where you make more direct sales pitches.

And one of my favorite takeaways from the webinar was this little ditty:

Most FB ads burn out after 3 days!

Seriously, the CTR drops a LOT after 3-4 days. So, you may want to spend that budget on a 5-day campaign over a 2-week one. Just a thought.

They usually post the video from the webinar about a day or so after, so you probably wanna check here for it: