Quick Webinar Recap on “The Future of Linkbuilding” by SEOmoz

I just got out of another great webinar by Rand Fishkin and the team at SEOmoz on The Future of Linkbuilding.

While some of it seemed to be kinda common sense and stuff I’ve heard before, I definitely walked away with some takeaways I wasn’t expecting to.

The summary is nothing that most SEO people aren’t already aware of.

Content is the thing. Organic, Natural Links are the thing. Why spin your wheels on black hat tactics that will only work less and less from here on out? Google is only going to get smarter, and Facebook is already organic and accounting all the time for more and more of search rankings. You should put that same amount of effort you have been on black and gray hat linkbuilding into any one of 34 ways Rand and Tom discussed to generate content that people will share, love, and link the crap out of.

I’m not gonna mention all 34, many you could probably guess, and it’s a PRO webinar anyway, can’t give it all away for free, right?

But here are a few things I think are worth mentioning:

2. Be a Content Resource in your niche.
Higher Quality > Higher Quantity.

7. Leverage Current events in Content.
This recap I’m writing right now is an example.

8. Find Amazing Designers. Pay Them.
Look at design boards and galleries for newcomers who are more willing to work for a less premium price than veterean design masters.

11. Build Robust About pages. Use photos if at all possible.
This builds your profile as an actual brand, not just a generic (possibly shady) online company.

13. Earn and display Testimonials and Press Mentions.
Submit yours with link and photo to sites/companies you love and use.

16. Register your business and address at getlisted.org
That site quickly and easily checks and completes your location listing on the major search engines.

18. Earn branded search traffic.
Build your search engine rankings by clicking on this and clicking “Drew Allen is retiring…”
Now you try that with your brand.

22. File patents and/or fund scholarly research.
It costs a little money, but not only does it more robustly protect that web app you developed, but it also gets you link love from some very respectable sources.

24. Get your great design in design portals.
The designer is featured on the design portal, but where are they all visiting to see his (or her) work? Your site.

28. Use sites like followerwonk to make key bloggers, and connectors aware of your brand.

34. Make your RSS feed “full content” and include appropriate, absolute links back to your site.

There’s plenty more where that came from. SEOmoz is awesome. Anyway, I’ll leave with a quote from Rand at the end about moving towards EARNING links as opposed to begging for them:

“If you’re not willing to trade short term gains for long term benefits, what you’re making probably isn’t worth making” – Rand Fishkin

Well said.

Anybody else attend? Love it? Hate it? Let’s hear it.