A Quick Recap on the “Effective Link Building” Webinar by SEOmoz

Roger has a crush on Justin Briggs.
I just finished watching the SEOmoz PRO webinar on Effective Link Building by Justin Briggs of Distilled. Here’s a few notes on it.

Justin Briggs

I was a bit skeptical of the webinar because I didn’t want to just hear a rehashing of things I already know. But I definitely was hoping for some advice on recovering from Panda’s Pummeling Punch®. Although Panda wasn’t really addressed, Justin did a fantastic job of relaying things to build your link profile that I haven’t already heard before.

The most basic example is the creative contact mining. In short, find really great blogs that don’t have clear contact information, then hunt down that contact info to contact him about getting a link on that blog.

Before you start throwing stones at me for being a proponent of cold-call-link-begging, this is only the second half of the process. The process, or, my paraphrasing or what Justin said is something like this:

  • Find an awesome page.
  • See what the page is highlighting or linking to.
  • Make one of those.
  • Contact them about a link to it.

He even talked about a new paradigm on directory submissions, or one I hadn’t heard before, anyway. Good stuff.

One great tip… Use StumbleUpon. If you get enough thumbs ups, StumbleUpon will post your page to it’s Facebook and Twitter, spreading your content even more, and building more links to it.

Another great takeaway:

You will have failed content.

Deal with it. Back to the drawing board.

Justin also relayed a great way to recover Failed Infographics as well as this quick and easy blogging contest idea:

  • Give them email address
  • They email their post in.
  • You request a link back to the contest page.
  • They are usually cool with that.

Links and related content in one awesome swoop. Huzzah!

There was also a whole segment on using Excel to do what amounts to SEO magic for linkbuilding. Much of it was over my head but I plan on trying to wrap my brain around it later. Here’s the link he shared for getting started with it:

Unfortunately, I missed most of the Q&A session so I plan on hitting it back up when it posts as a video right here:

By far though, my favorite line was this quoted qoute:

“You can’t outsource giving a shit.”

– Tom Critchlow

This is where your hustle and JFDI attitude can make you a BAMF at linkbuilding.

Who else watched the #Mozinar and what did you think?