“There’s no cool song about being 29” or “Harry Potter and the Hot Tub Time Machine Transformer”

Well, I turned 29, and in a strange turn of events, I was way too busy celebrating my birthday to document much of it.
A quick recap of the whirlwind month leading up to my birthday and the present:

I spent a great weekend at the beach with some awesome friends.
I relaxed in a hot tub.
I played three shows in two days.
I went to a good friends wedding, one of the most truly joyful ones I have been to.
I went to St. Augustine to watch the fireworks on the Fourth at the Fort. Tradition maintained.
I saw Transformers in 2D.
I saw Transformers in 3D.
I saw the final space shuttle launch, which really deserves a whole blog post of its own.
I watched Harry Potter Seven part One.
I went to the Atlantic and the Bull (a few times, actually) to see Ricky Kendall, and other awesome people.
I had Hibachi with my parents.
I went to see the midnight premiere of Harry Potter Seven part Two.
I went to a Movie night at Anthem and got to celebrate with those cool people and watch Back to the Future.
I relaxed in a different hot tub.
I played drums for First Assembly, a rare pleasure, rarer still to come.
Finally life has slowed some. Although it is not without plenty of changes all around.

I’m a year older.
I feel like I’ve improved in several ways, but the busyness of summer has plateaued me in a way I am not happy with. Gotta fix that.

Two of my good friends are moving away.

J Tony, you’re the man, man; don’t give up hope man. Hold fast to integrity and character. They really make you who you are. You’re gonna make it. I can’t wait ’til we attend each other’s weddings.

Stauffer. All heroes eventually find their own Gotham, and I’m sad but excited to see you find yours. I’m gonna miss you so freaking much. Damn. Remember when you helped me load my drums on the side of a Georgia mountain? Or when you visited Southeastern? Man. Love you man.

What else? Oh, I’m getting a different roommate– Britt Daniel. Play your cards right, Britt, and one day you too could me mentioned all too mushily in a blog post much like my friends above.

And my old roommate Shane Welker is moving out. We had some pretty good talks, man. But for real, I’m sweating, I’m gonna turn the AC on. Shane’s moving up too. By a floor and in roommate models. Punny. Noah Marks is as sexy as a model… of a life that is dedicated to pursuing holiness. We’ll catch it, man.

Hope Springs Eternal from Everywhere.

I got an unofficial promotion at work that comes with an official raise, and starts with a trip to MozCon in Seattle, a conference run by my absolute favorite SEO guys, SEOmoz.

You didn’t think I was gonna NOT mention drumming, did you?
I’m growing. I need to grow more. And I will. Working on equipment, tuning, and the rudiments. I actually might have a chance to soon to get lessons from my favorite jazz drummer in Gainesville, Jon Jackson. As for a band… well, I’m a little too busy getting my crap together to worry much about that.

But when I do, it will rock with soul.