How Wilfred went from awesome to not awesome.

Image Credit: Hulu and FX
When I first started watching Wilfred and, actually, through much of the first season, I really really enjoyed it. It’s just hysterical, wrong, and hilarious.

I’ve never been dumb enough to be a stoner, so that part of the comedy is a little lost on me, but there’s so much more that’s hilarious that I found myself cracking up the whole time.

But as the season neared the end, things began to sour.

First of all, Wilfred’s trifling ceases to have a valid point. Initially, each episode was a weird process of self-realization Ryan is forced through by having to deal with Wilfred incessant meddling.

But those epiphanies start to be more questionable around episode 9 or 10, and never make any more sense.

And beyond that, the lengths to which Wilfred goes to make Ryan’s life miserable and terrible go far beyond the bounds of ANY lesson one might need to learn, let alone weak, unnecessary lessons.

After this are a couple of mild spoilers, just warning you. Although honestly, a better warning would be to not watch the last few episodes anyway. You’re better off.

In one episode Ryan actually finds an amazing, interesting, attractive woman who is really interested in him. Every sane person in the world wants Ryan to go with her to Italy and leave Wilfred behind. But he doesn’t. Sure, Ryan justifies it somehow, but it makes no sense, even when watching the episode.

Ryan is doggedly (pun) committed to this VERY self-destructive relationship with this dog/person who does nothing but bring him catastrophe after catastrophe.

Then there’s the finale. *sigh*

All season long, the show has been a comedy. A very funny one. But for the finale, the show’s writers decided to make it feel like a John Grisham/J.J. Abrams Mashup gone terribly wrong. It’s heavy and dramatic, and terrible things happen, then you’re given one of those, “Wilfred never really existed at all”-type plot twists and- BAM! credits roll. It’s atrocious.

I can see how it was meant as a cliff-hanger, but a finale like that has me wanting to jump off a cliff or hang myself, and I’m pretty sure that’s not what FX was going for with the term.

And, in the end, after such an awkward ending, whatever answers I wish I had, I’m quite confident will not be given adequately or interestingly by the show’s producers.

I guess it’s a good thing so much awesome TV starts this week!

What are you most looking forward to being back on the air this fall?