Drew looks back on 2011.

Well, it’s 11:34 pm. 26 minutes left in the year, and for some reason, I’m at home. Not really unhappy about it. I’m pretty particular about how I ring in the New Year, and if I can’t be in the right place with the right people, I’m fine ringing 2012 in with solitude, sobriety and silence.
Of course, I wax reflective and introspective. Not depressingly so, though. Not this year. My bank account is light, but that’s because I stretched it a bit to finish paying off my last credit card debt this week! That’s a 2011 goal reached.

I’m not 50 lbs lighter like I planned to be, but I am in better shape than I’ve been in in years, but also the snowball of getting my health in order is starting to gain momentum. Starting a juice fast in January to really pick up speed there. Nothing to be depressed about.

I wanted to read the book of Proverbs a dozen times this year (about a chapter a day). And guess what? I did. Boom. Goal Reached.

I wanted to not seriously pursue a girl in 2011. And guess what? I didn’t. Had a few close calls, and might have planted a seed here or there. But Boom, goal reached.

I didn’t take a dance or martial arts class (both were 2011 goals). But, first, I realized, for martial arts, I needed to be in better shape beforehand, and for dance, I didn’t take a class, but I did dance more in 2011, than I had in the past few years combined. So that’s progress.

My drumming didn’t take off like I wanted, and that’s something I want to change in 2012. On the other hand, my other career half really hit a stride this year. Marketing Director, Yeah, that happened.

I even started developing more and more community around new friendships that are fantastic. Without losing old, faithful friends in the process. And I even did some work restoring old friendships that had been damaged.

I don’t want to say it was a banner year, but after a couple bad years in a row, 2011 was really a turning point. One of transition. Not idly letting life slip away, unowned in the face.

I got a few years behind on life, I’ll admit. We can talk about the why and how, but I’m not gonna give excuses. I had to make a change. And I did. It may not appear to be a big one yet.

“But a tiny spark can set a great forest on fire.”

2012 is the year I resurrect Leonidas. The baby steps were fun, but now it’s time to be reckless.

About growth.
About discipline.
About community.
About change.
About character.
About hope.
About love.

“Prepare for glory!” – Leonidas


PS First thing I’m doing in 2012? Going to hang out with Matt Green.

Happy New Year!