2013 Christmas Letter from the Allens


Dear Friends & Family,

Well, I’ve never gotten to write one of these before. And what a year to start. So, so much to be thankful for this year. Let’s dive in.

The year started off with a bang as Kori and I tied the knot! It was a beautiful, wonderful, unforgettable day and neither of us could have planned it to go so perfectly. January 26, 2013 for everyone keeping score at home.

Wedding Gainesville Photo by Chic Shot Studio

After a week-long Carnival Cruise to the Caribbean, Kori went back to work at the ACHA, while I started another new journey: a new job. As the Senior Marketing Strategist for a local marketing firm, I jumped right into managing clients and helping small businesses grow.

wedding photo lancaster crob and jenna

A few months later we were off to upstate New York for Kori’s sister’s wedding! Drew made a quick stop the week before in Lancaster, PA to witness his good friend (Crobotron) get married.
New York was a great time, lots of good memories, not the least which include a jet boat ride, and of course, witnessing (and celebrating) Thomas and Kristi’s nuptials.

From Schoontraubs to Weintraubs!

Then the summer flew by and August saw us going up to the Causey/Allen family reunion in Conway, SC. It was my first time attending with a wife, which was incredible. We also were able to stop in Charleston to spend time with my Uncle Ronnie, Aunt Harriet, Cousin Cheryl, and also my Grandma and Aunt Terri.

Family Reunion Photo Booth Fun!

In September we went with a couple of friends (Leah & Josh) to Universal Studios for Rock The Universe. Not only was it a great deal on park admission, we got to see David Crowder, and save the world a few times along with several superhero types.

Universe: Rocked.


And let’s not forget our first time having Butterbeer at Harry Potter World.





We were then lucky enough to witness two dear friends (David & Kate) get married, which was awesome.

Them some sexy folks right there.

October continued the trend of dear friends and weddings. We went to Miami to watch the Gators lose with the Maguires and then watch Priscilla and Danny seriously win with lots of awesome people.


Later in October more friends came through on their band’s tour (Mountain Sounds), which was a great time of catch-up.

Mountain Sounds (+ 1 Gainesville Sound)

For those wondering, I carved a Star Trek Symbol..Tool Time.
Then Kori showed me what it’s like to carve a pumpkin, something I’d never done before, and also our first time doing matching Halloween costumes (Al Borland & Lisa).


The one and only Zaxl Rose got married in November and lived under our roof during the last week of his singlehood. His wedding was a great time. Then we were celebrating our first Thanksgiving married, which was a truly blessed and fun day of cooking and talking and wine and tradition and fun.

The next day was of course filled with shopping and breaking out all the Christmas decorations. The next month was a total blur until Christmas starting merrying itself all over the place.

Yes, I was Santa this year. Yes, losing weight is my top 2014 resolution.

And before we can think about it, here we are, looking forward to see 2014 racing to meet us. It helps to take a moment to look back on what happens now and then, if only to realize and enjoy the life that you’re living for what it is. Facebook and Twitter have conditioned us to look for the latest and and newest and ignore what’s passed (past), but then you’re left with no larger picture of the life you’re living.

So, step back for a minute and look at your life. Take it all in. The Good. The Bad. The Ugly. It made you who are now, and the wisdom you gained from battles won and lost have sharpened you for the future you now face.

Happy Holidays, and here’s to a great adventure in 2014!

With Love,
Drew & Kori Allen

P.S. Here’s our Christmas photos! Enjoy!