19 Things I’m Thankful For.


It’s Thanksgiving, so I decided to just write some things I’m thankful for. For the record, this list is no order whatsoever. 

1. My wife

She’s incredible in so many ways. Her love and grace toward me have lifted me in so many ways. And her wisdom consistently challenges me to live this life better. I love you Koko. 

2. My family

 Photo:  Chic Shot Studio
Photo: Chic Shot Studio

My parents especially. They are in my corner and always trying to help and give of themselves even now. I love getting to spend time with them. Also my wife’s family. So many supportive and fun people. 

3. Basketball

 Actual photo of Scottie Pippen that I saved on Feb. 16, 1998.
Actual photo of Scottie Pippen that I saved on Feb. 16, 1998.

I watch football a decent amount, but basketball is definitely my favorite sport. 

4. The Boston Celtics

They’re my favorite basketball team. See above. 

5. My iPhone 6s

It still larger than the ideal size for a phone. My hands remind me of this every day. But the speed and the camera more than make up for that. 

6. The Lasko fan on my desk

Our office is one big room with hardwood floors, brick walls and huge floor-to-ceiling windows. So the sun visits regularly and starts to slowly bake us. Working for an eco-friendly, carbon-neutral company is cool in lots of ways except one– literally. “72° til I die” should be a tattoo I have. This fan is a lifesaver.

7. Planning Center Online

I am baffled when I think about how people used to ride horses everywhere, use outhouses, and schedule worship sets with anything but Planning Center. 

8. Andy Stanley

What a freakin’ communicator that guy is. I still haven’t read any of his books yet (all my Anthem friends just gasped), but I promise I will. I’m actually really excited to do so. I subscribe to both of his podcasts (the Leadership one and the Your Move one) and they’re both consistently impactful.

9. Audible

There is one word to describe how I’ve dramatically increased my reading of books. That word is Deciding to use Audible. Need to work on my counting skills, but seriously, it has been a gamechanger for getting through books. 

10. Whispersync

At the risk of sounding like an Amazon nut, which I’m not really, but the syncing of the Audible audiobooks with the Kindle version of the same book, is just surprisingly smooth and awesome. Pro tip: It makes buying audiobooks very affordable too. 

11. Coach Mac

FACT: We’re 10 and 1, and it’s SO much because of what he’s brought to the team. From good coaching and great attitude, he’s made us into a division winner in his first season. That’s saying something. And with no better players than we had last year. So thankful.

12. NBA League Pass

I didn’t mean to sign up for League Pass this year. I forgot to cancel after I bought it at the VERY end of last season for dirt cheap. Then I called to cancel and they told me I couldn’t. So I complained (literally just asked why I couldn’t) and they’re credit ing me back every month basically. All told, I’m getting NBA League Pass, all season, for like ten bucks. So yeah, VERY grateful for that. 

13. Cold Weather

Not FREEZING weather. I know it’s bad in a lot of places for a lot of people. But genuine bundle-up weather here in Florida, well it’s a thing of beauty. 

14. Playing Music

I’m learning to play the bass guitar, and it’s making me appreciate music and how to create it in all new ways and even weirdly rekindling my love of playing drums too, which is fantastic. 

15. Friends

This is an easy way to get out of deciding to list people and/or not list other people. But I am so grateful for some amazing friendships that consistently make me grow and make my life so much richer. 

16. Those salt and pepper pilgrim shakers from Publix

 Photo: Josh Hallett
Photo: Josh Hallett

They’re just perfect. 

17. JJ Abrams


I’m reading his book “S” which is fantastic. Plus he rebooted my favorite franchise (Star Trek), and now is breathing new life into another franchise I love dearly (Star Wars).

18. Fracture

The company I work for is a good one in so many ways. I love getting to contribute a lot to our ongoing projects and promotions, and also be challenged to grow my skills in so many ways professionally. 

19. Anthem Church

Of course this is on the list. The Church is so much larger (and stronger) than one building. And Anthem is proof of that in many ways. The way the staff consistently pour into us and exemplify what it looks like to serve well, and all the volunteers coming together every week to give and love others so well so consistently. I love being a part of Anthem, and watching how God’s kingdom unfolds all over town, through what we do and what other churches are doing too. 

So that’s my list. What are you thankful for? (Tell me in the comments)

P.S. For anyone looking to point it out, my faith is something I hold very dear, and yes, I’m very grateful for God’s grace towards me in so many ways. Thanks for not judging me.