Movie Review: Mockingjay Pt. 2


I watched the Hunger Games: Mockingjay: Part 2 last night. Spoilers ahead, so here’s your warning.

First off, that movie title is way too long.  

I’m not sure if my problem is with the story or the movie. 

If it’s the story I have most issue with than I can’t really blame the movie for just telling the story it was supposed to tell. 

So the whole universe and the history of Panem and the districts and everything is pretty detailed and interesting and rich, and the whole trilogy has this cool revolution plot unfolding in it and how the people achieved freedom from tyranny. It’s a really cool story.

Unfortunately this whole Hunger Games tale that I read and see, it’s not really that story. 

The movie/book reads like a fan fiction that’s about some of these characters and set in this universe. And again it all depends on your perspective.

What I see through my rose colored glasses is a really cool adventure story that has some love story outskirts (not unlike how one might describe Star Wars or the Lord of the Rings trilogy).

But then reality disappoints consistently throughout the whole thing in several ways, all summed up the fact that the author consistently makes this more of a love story than an awesome adventure story

First, she’s willing to escape the base to go to the front lines and kill Snow, but when other people she knows show up, despite clearly being able to escape again, she just doesn’t and immediately is content to do nothing effective but shoot more propaganda. That doesn’t jive with what we know about her resolve and skill and determination.

The the whole idea that Peeta would be sent to the front lines at the end, when he’s clearly very much still brainwashed and dangerous, is completely idiotic. If he’s needing to be handcuffed constantly (which he was, as we see), then you wouldn’t A) even consider sending him to an active battle situations, and B) putting him in direct contact with the person who you most need to save and he’s been most brainwashed to kill. The whole thing makes NO sense. It only seems even remotely plausible when you consider it from this dramatic love triangle perspective, as in OF COURSE the teenage girl hero HAS to have both guys by her side, vying for her affections while she tries to focus on staying alive and saving the revolution. 

Not to mention that Peeta ends up being a big liability several times throughout the ensuing travels. I kept thinking about how quickly Carol or Rick would have put a bullet in Peeta’s head. 

The one thing we’ve been really looking forward to in this story for years and book’s worth of waiting is for Katniss to put an end to the Capital and Snow. And then she just gets knocked out and wakes up and it’s all done. Whoops. Like… “OOPS it wasn’t Sauron, it was Gandalf the whole time!” In the last ten minutes of the whole 12 hour spectacle. Not satisfying to watch even a little bit. 

And the love triangle drama stuff was resolved so poorly. Katniss unfairly assumes that Primose’s death was Gale’s fault, and categorically denies Gale any further attention. After all the stuff that she’s been through with both of them, it ends up being this blame that she chooses to place on him that ends the whole thing? Sadly, clouded judgment is not actually surprising from her. There were many times throughout both of these last two movies, where I the whole revolution and plan was put on hold, delayed, and generally endangered as a direct result of Katniss having a breakdown and not making the wise decision, again and again. 

Perhaps the author never wanted to make a cool adventure story. Maybe Collins wanted to write a deep drama of a women struggling through deep depression and anxiety as she is the face of a hero for the masses while two rugged attractive men are  politely fighting for her affection. At which point, her cerebral and brilliant powerful script are muddled by a cool political plot and loads of explosions and danger and fight scenes. 

I really wanted to like the Hunger Games. But they left me a bit hangry.

Disagree with me? Agree with me? Leave a comment? 

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