The Allens’ 2015 Christmas Letter



I hope this letter finds you and your family doing well. Another year gone, just like that. It was only a few weeks I sat down to write the 2014 letter. Goodness. Truly, the days are long and years so short. Lots of things happened this year. Some good, some bad, and many unforgettable.

We started off the year with a bang by moving into our first purchased home together. We’re homeowners now. Doing some serious adulting around here. In lieu of an official housewarming event, we threw a farewell shindig for the Wades as they moved to Atlanta. We miss you guys! 

We also started a brand new adventure that we are loving so much! We started to lead a small group at Anthem Church for Married couples. It has been really great to share life with couples that are in the same life stage as us, and support each other and learn and laugh and do life together. #TEAMSASQUATCH (of course we named ourselves something awesome) has been so much fun and so awesome. Can’t wait to continue it another year. 

At the end of February we were able to get away for a quick trip to Charleston and got to see my grandmother and aunt and that was fun. In April we were blessed with a quick visit from Kori’s sister and our totes adorbz nephew Everett, who was 10 months old at the time. Fun times were had by all, especially when Everett tried to take my iPhone!

May was a busy month! Kori and I did something really awesome called the Whole Life Challenge. We both felt healthier and hit some fitness goals we had set. Sadly since the spring (when we did it), we have not continued in our healthy, disciplined habits. But we’re kicking off 2016 with another Whole Life Challenge and are so excited to kickstart our health again!

I also was lucky enough to attend the Drive conference in Atlanta. It was a challenging and wonderful time as well as a chance to connect on a deeper level with some quality people from Anthem. Then I did something stupid. I accidentally nicked my middle finger with an electric hedge trimmer. Stitches were gotten, a first for me.

We also celebrated Kori’s birthday in May. I hired a live magician to suprise her by showing up at her birthday party to do a whole magic show. It was way cooler than it sounds. 

In June we got to attend the Birkmire Wedding which was fun and awesome to see Jon and Ashley get married. They should definitely move back to Gainesville soon.

For my birthday in July my wife got me the best surprise: A visit from Zac and Keyla! It was awesome. In September I got to see Cleveland for the first time on a work trip with friend-turned-co-worker Chuck. Also Richard and Jill got married, and though we weren’t able to attend, we’re totally putting them in our Christmas letter. 

 Kori has since forgiven me for not including her in this photo. 
Kori has since forgiven me for not including her in this photo. 

October was another big month. First we got to see Allen and Leslie Haynes get married which was amazing! 

Then we took our first real vacation in a long, long time. We spent a few days in Las Vegas (my first time there). I’d tell you about what happened, but ya know… Vegas. Then we drove through the Hoover Dam to the Grand Canyon. Then we traveled down to Sedona. It’s possible our visit included seeing Thomas, Kristi, Everett, Kate, Andrew, Ann, Gary, and Rico. Which was awesome.

Then our family took a couple of big punches. First Kori’s Uncle Pete passed away, then Kori’s Grandfather passed away. What a legacy this man leaves behind. Love, honor, duty, family. Great man that will be missed forever. For me (Drew), I will never forget holding my weeping wife in my arms after she heard the news of his passing. We live on but we never forget. 

Thanksgiving was a great time at home with my stepdad Matt and then fun Black Friday Adventures with some folks from TEAM SASQUATCH. 

As we wrap up another year on this planet, it’s become more clear to me than ever that your life is as rich as the people you spend it with. And in that regard, Kori and I are as wealthy as we could ever dream of being. Thank you all so much for being in our lives. Here’s to 2016!

With love, 

The Allens