2015 Earle Awards


It has been some time since the EARLE awards occurred.

With that being the case, some clarifications are in order.

The 2015 EARLE awards unfortunately will not be considering entries in any category based on performance in years past. If your stellar performance as a man or store or song or album occurred in the last 2 years, unfortunately, however deserving it may have been, it will never receive an EARLE.

On with the show!

Man of the Year

This award goes to Stevie Benz. So many good hangs that range from laughing at Youtube videos to conversations about making music and where it collides with faith, and even a BROad trip for good measure. 
Honorable Mention would definitely go to David Shepherd. Man I love those two dudes.

Woman of the Year

Kori Allen is a lockdown for this this year. The patience and support and honesty that she has shown me all year long is worth so more awards than I can make up to give to her. She’s forever Woman of the Year but of course I have to do it every year.  
Honorable Mention: Murphy McConn

Pet of the Year

Another Lockdown for sure for Rockey Balboa Allen.
Honorable Mention: TIE: Hiccup and Walter The Dog. 

Store of the Year

Cotton Bureau. Fantastic idea. Super comfy t-shirts.
Honorable Mention: Amazon. It’s AMAZing. 

Restaurant of the Year

MOJO Hogtown BBQ. It’s downtown. It’s close. The food is tremendous. They have bourbon on tap. 
Honorable Mention: 4Rivers BBQ. 5 words: Bris. Ket. On. Bis. Cuits. 

Album of the Year

Now we’re getting to the really difficult ones. The winner has to go to Coldplay’s newest album, “A Head Full of Dreams.”  It’s worth mentioning that the album doesn’t necessarily HAVE to have been released in 2015. Albums that were released in 2014 also count, provided my main exposure has been in 2015. 
Honorable Mention: Big Data: 2.0

Single of the Year

This one pretty much has to go to Shut Up and Dance with Me by Walk the Moon. Not sure if I first heard it in 2014, but it still deserves the win because it’s so overwhelming good was celebrated throughout 2015.
Honorable mention: Adventure of a Lifetime by Coldplay (first song I learned on bass).

New Artist of the Year

The New Artist category always needs a little explaining. It’s not always for artists that are brand new to 2015, just brand new TO ME in 2015.  The winner this year is definitely Mister Barrington.
Honorable Mention: Big Data

Film of the Year

 Image: starwars.com
Image: starwars.com

I just can’t pick any movie here EXCEPT for STAR WARS VII. A worthy addition to the series. Was this really in question? 
Honorable Mention(s): Mad Max Fury Road and The Big Short. Both phenomenal.

Show of the Year

This easily goes to Brooklyn Nine Nine. SO FREAKIN’ GOOD. Love the characters and the writing and the stories.
Honorable Mention: The Wire. (watched mostly in 2015)

Book of the Year

 Photo:  Patrick Cooper
Photo: Patrick Cooper

I have to give this to Difficult Men by Brett Martin. Incredible dive into amazing stories about antiheroes and the antiheroes that made the shows possible.
Honorable Mention: Everything That Remains by Joshua Fields Millburn & Ryan Nicodemus

So that does it for this year. What did you think of my award choices?

Or if you’re an EARLE winner here, please comment with your acceptance speech, thanks.