5 Quick Minutes about Building a Brand Voice


This is the part where I remind everyone of the importance of what Simon Sinek said. In case you’ve been living under a rock for a while. He’s the Start With Why guy. He had a book and a corresponding TED talk, or was it the other way around? I can’t remember, but either way, it’s fantastic and you pretty much HAVE to force yourself to come back to this principle regularly to course-correct. 

It’s a bit of a cycle. 

You do, say, or share something as a company. It reflects your true heart and passion as a brand. 

And it gets X result/revenue. 

Then, you want to optimize. 

So you shift it a little bit just to see what happens. 

And you then get 1.1x revenue. 

Of course that feels good, so you shift a few more things. A little split test here and there. 

Soon you’re getting 1.5x revenue. 

One problem. Your brand has become almost indistinguishable from others in your space. 

Why is that? Well, exactly. The why is what. 

You lost your why.

Your brand’s facebook page shares all the same viral-ish fodder as every other facebook page. 

Your deals look like everybody else’s deals. 

Your emails read like everyone else’s emails. 

And crazily, you’re seeing more revenue everywhere. 

But that’s because human nature (especially today) falls for certain things almost unfailingly. 

But that increase in revenue is really a short term windfall at the loss of building a loyal following who are fan of your brand because they share your beliefs. 

That’s not a trade you want make. 

Or maybe it is. But that’s how you determine whether or not your passion was actually your passion, or your passion was just making money. 

And really, if you really chase your passion (and commit to its success), you can and will make money there. Possibly even MORE money in the long run, because you’re building real loyalty and support with people, and adding longevity and legacy to your brand. 

Don’t be normal. 

Just my two cents.