Thoughts on Fatherhood, part 1


So we’re having a girl. 

I was originally wanting a boy, but as soon as those pink balloons floated out, something gripped my heart, and I think it was love. 

I instantly became so excited to have a little girl. 

Since then, I have had SO many thoughts run through my mind. 

How do I raise a girl to have character and integrity? 

I want her to be her own woman and be strong and chase her dreams. 

But I don’t want her to do that after flailing about and making foolish mistakes that I see so many young women (and men too) making all the time. 

Diving into the arms of man after man, to try to feel complete. 

And not just any men, but, like, really bad examples of men. Guys without character, full of ego, arrogance, and focus on ALL of the wrong things. If you need a stronger reference point, look at any male character on Jersey Shore, or One Tree Hill. 

It hurts me to even think my daughter would ever be with someone like that, or even more appalling, that she would actually be interested and “happy” with someone like that. 

So yeah, this is just one example where my fatherly worry is setting in. 

But it’s early yet. Very early. 

And I at least know one HUGE way I can keep that from ever happening to her. 

I need to love, cherish, champion, and affirm her SO MUCH, starting now. 

I need to be there for her, to be around and be present in her life, so she ALWAYS knows that she is loved, and she knows what REAL love looks like. 

Man, this fatherhood thing makes you think. 

I can’t wait to get started. 

PS I was trying to think of an example of a POSITIVE role model Disney princess, particularly for the father/daughter relationship. Any thoughts here? I may have to write a post just about that.