Dear Charlie 2


Dear Charlie Hope, 

I wanted to explain something to you. 

Your name, on the surface doesn’t seem to have a lot of meaning. Nothing crazy or deep when you first look. “Charlie.” 

It’s just considered short for Charles.

Which is true. And Charles usually means “free man.” 

Well, you’re a woman, but you’re still free, so that’s something. 

But I was curious so I decided to keep digging. 

Turns out, one of the root origins of “Charlie” is the word “KARL” or “YARL” 

And this word is very cool. It means “Warrior” or “Fighter”

This life that you’re growing into is hard. Nothing worth having comes easy.

You have to fight to survive and to thrive. If nothing else you have to fight your own tendencies as a human for taking the easy way out, taking shortcuts, giving in to short term desires at the expense of your goals. Check out the Bible story about Jacob and Esau. You HAVE to FIGHT those urges in yourself. 

Anyway, Yeah, so I absolutely want you to be obedient and disciplined to authorities in your life (like me and your mom). But I also want you to be a fighter. For justice, in the face of temptation, in the face of peer pressure to fit in and do what’s normal. 

I would love it if you could actually kick the ass of the first guy to try ANY funny business with you. 

There’s another thing I wanted to tell you, something that brings joy to me heart. 

While looking up all this name stuff, I uncovered something amazing. 

My middle name, “Earle” I have always though to mean “Leader” or something to that effect.  But if you keep pulling the string, you learn something fascinating. 

“Earle” has the same root origin as “Charlie.” 

They both go back to the root “Karl/Yarl” and had the meaning, “Fighter” or “Warrior.” 

Not only does it bring me great joy to share a name with you, in a manner of speaking, but having that newfound meaning for my own name has been really motivating and inspiring. 

It makes me want to fight harder against MY own insecurities and lazy desires. It motivates me to become better in every way, not just for my sake, but for yours. You should have an incredible example of REAL manhood living alongside you as you grow up, to teach you how to differentiate men from boys. 

Anyway, I love you and I CAN. NOT. WAIT. to hold you in my arms, see you smile, watch you try to pull my beard hair out. 

 Someday I'll you watch 300. But you'll have to be at least... like 9 years old or something. I'm pretty bad at judging those kinds of things.
Someday I’ll you watch 300. But you’ll have to be at least… like 9 years old or something. I’m pretty bad at judging those kinds of things.