How The Office Should Have Ended


OK, so I’m finishing up a full rewatch of The Office. 

First off, it’s an incredible TV show.

One of the best sitcoms of all time in my opinion. 

But. There is one thing that they did wrong. They finished poorly. 

Now, don’t get me wrong. The actual series finale episode was, in a word, superb. I don’t think I could critique it at all. 

BUT the vast majority of season nine of The Office is just almost unbearable. 

Now, having said that, any given episode of season nine of The Office is, despite being the WORST of the series and better off having never existed, still FAR more quality television to watch than the following

  • Any episode of 2 and a half men. 
  • Any episode of 2 Broke Girls
  • Any episode of Big Bang Theory.
  • Any episode of Jersey Shore.
  • Any episode of any Bachelor or Bachelorette. 

With that disclaimer out of the way, The Office would be such a stronger series as a whole if the series ended differently. 

Seeing as the show was based on the original series from the U.K., let’s look at how they ended. 

The Office (UK) ended after two short seasons of shows. That part I’m not recommending here. 7 seasons of fantastic storytelling and comedy are worth keeping. 

THEN, a year later, the show released an hour long Christmas special episode that did much to wrap up the character’s stories. 

With that in mind, here’s how I think the Office should have ended. 

The normal series finale should have been a 2 part episode with Michael getting engaged to Holly as the first part, and Michael leaving as the second part. Period. Series over. 

THEN, a year later, they should released, an extra-long special edition of the series finale that did air, with an extra 20 minute montage of what happened after Michael left. Could be a few talking heads explaining things while we see snippets of Robert California, and the Sabre retail fiasco and David Wallace buying back the company, etc. It could wrap up with the “catch up” montage that the series finale already had to start with. 

Then we end with that finale. That would have been amazing.

You would have avoided the super awkward, “We can’t figure out who to pair Erin with” stage altogether, which would have been great. We could avoid having Nellie ever be in an episode, which again would have only improved the show. Don’t get me wrong, I think Catherine Tate is a great actress and a wonderful performer, but her character on the Office was just awful. 

Speaking of awful, we could avoid having Andy be a total dick. 

My theory is maybe they were trying to have people fill in as Michael Scott in that he’s a guy whose emotional craziness creates a fiasco that is then solved by the end of the episode. But I guess they felt the need to go WAY over the top with Andy and Nellie’s characters.

He would never have been that big of a dick to Erin in the end. It’s not consistent with his character from before. And they wrote Andy and Erin to be pretty much perfect together, and then just decided to not have that happen? What point did that serve? They trained the viewer to cheer for the lovable receptionist and the goofy sales guy to end up together, then just disappointed us. The Office is not a show I turn to for realism. I’ve got The Wire for that. 

So those are my thoughts. Please tell me yours.