Why Periscope is Better than Snapchat or Facebook


I know that sounds ludicrous, and it’s just my opinion, but hear me out. 

No Ads. 

That’s right. I’ve watched a bunch of videos on Periscope and I have yet to be interrupted with random ads for things I could care less about. It’s like some weird premium version of a social network that I paid to remove the ads, except I didn’t even pay. 

Works with Twitter

I was able to pull in all my twitter people who are on periscope immediately. And I didn’t have to even pick a separate username and password. Could not have been easier.  Really can’t endorse that strongly enough. 

Live broadcast.

Last time I checked, Snapchat doesn’t offer live broadcasts… 

No length limit. 

 I try to share a quick video story on Snapchat and it takes twice as long because I have to stop every ten seconds and snap the video, then record the next one. None of that crap with Periscope. Just start broadcasting. 

The pond is small.

In a smaller pond, all of the fish look bigger. What this means for you if you’re trying to build an audience is that as a less crowded space it’s potentially far easier to stand out. 

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