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A Quick Content Marketing Q & A

I was asked to answer these five questions. I decided to blog my answers. Let’s go.

What is the biggest every day problem you see in your field of work?

It’s not native to my field of work, but lack of deep focus time is a huge problem in many computer-and-office based jobs. So many distractions and emails and meetings that it’s hard to have time to focused on execution. 

More specific to Marketing, I think the every day problem for many is to remember the point and the plan. There are so many quick changes in platforms and tools and social media networks and so many blogs and marketers preaching to hop on the latest trend or tactic. But marketing itself has not changed that fast. It’s about creating content that appeals to your target audiences. It’s still about maximizing brand awareness and engaging well with your audience. These principles haven’t changed in a while, but it’s harder to stick to them when you’re constantly changing up the whole plan because of some new tool or tactic.

What is a tool that you don’t have, but you think could help make your day to day job easier?

It would be great to find a project management system that connects projects across many departments seamlessly, but is still fully and easily customizable to match each team’s workflow and process.

I know that sounds simple, but it’s quite hard to find.

Also, blazing fast and reliable internet.

Do you see yourself using more or less technology in your field of work in the future? Explain.

Absolutely more technology. I don’t see that trend changing anytime soon. Technology is going to advance more and more and is going to permeate more of our personal and our work lives wherever possible.

Technology has enabled remote work like never before, and I expect that trend to continue.

What kind of technology do you use most in your job? 

Communication tools and project management tools make up the majority of the tech I use every day.

iPhone. iPad. Macbook Pro (the best one).
Slack. Messages. Asana. The G Suite.

Oh and because I work in an overcrowded open office,

noise-canceling headphones are a must.

What kind of technology do you think needs to be improved upon to make your life and job easier?

This is a bit of a copout answer, but all of it. Messaging is fragmented across email, Asana, iMessage, and Slack. Project Management tools need vast improvements to bring together disparate departments and teams.

Hopefully these answers help you somehow. Thanks.

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