That time I won a freakin’ Dundie.

If you know me, you may know that I am typically a fan of the best of things. 

  • Best wife. (Mine)

  • Best daughter. (Mine again, sorry guys). 

  • Best basketball player (MJ, no discussion)

  • Best hour long drama (The Sopranos)

  • Best Sitcom ever…. 

Like you had to ask.

The Office. Duh. 

I also like listening to podcasts about things I love. 

In this case, I mean Somehow I Manage, a podcast covering every episode of The Office. 

It’s part of the Incomparable Network, so, from the name, seemingly also a “Best” I like. 

Well, I’ve been enjoying the show from the beginning and loving it. And one neat thing they do is award their own Dundie award to a listener for something neat and Office-related; and it’s cool to hear who won each week, and what they named the award each week. 

Well, a few weeks ago, this happened.

I didn’t think too much of it, honestly. Until yesterday, when I was driving to work, and listening to podcasts as usual, and heard THIS: 

Needless to say, I immediately screamed “I WON A FREAKIN’ DUNDIE!!!” and other related phrases like, “IS THIS REAL LIFE?”, etc. 

Then I settled down and rewound it again to actually listen to it all properly. 

I knew immediately I would have to record an acceptance speech. 

So I did. And before I could post it, my Dundie was made official by the podcast Twitter account.

To which I immediately replied with my acceptance speech.

And then I promptly joined the Incomparable network (which I had been considering for a while anyway). 

Am I a total dork to be this excited about a virtual Dundie award I won from a podcast about my all time favorite show? 

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