I switched back to WordPress.

I switched back to WordPress. 

Well it’s been a while. And there’s a reason. 

For some reason, I just didn’t like blogging on Squarespace. 

I can’t completely describe why, but it’s definitely the reason I wasn’t blogging as much. 

Not there weren’t other reasons. Life. Fatherhood. Weight loss. Job. Church. Husband(ry?). Free time is certainly not something I have a lot of these days. 

But whenever I would get a hankerin’ to write something to blog, I would always give up at the thought of logging back into Squarespace and then still having to click through like three different submenus before I can actually type something. No bueno. 

So here I am back on WordPress. New domain too. SOMEHOW this domain was available. And I’m never letting go of this one. 

So stick around. Better yet, subscribe. Some great things coming up soon, including but not limited to: 

    • my very first podcast
    • my very second podcast
    • a new vlog about visiting Mississippi
    • a blog post detailed my weight loss journey so far
    • Podcasts that are not mine that you should listen to anyway
    • The Allens’ 2019 Christmas Letter

I have a lot of writing to do. Looking forward to getting back in the habit. 

But first, doing some research for my podcast.

Can you comment below with one thing you love (not a person) and one thing you hate (also not a person)? 

Let’s do this. 


  1. Loves: The instagram algorithm no longer showing likes.
    Hates: The existence of Android phones and green messages in general.

    Alternate loves: Tik Tok, Timothy Chalamet
    Hates: Subscription services for truly needless things.


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