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wordcrafts: ignorance

As an amateur “neologian”, i often think about word functions and when it should/could/would be necessary or helpful to create a new word to fill a void in “worddom” (score!) or make something more clear.
“Ignorance” is generally defined as “the lack of knowledge or education.” This is perfectly fine. However, we use the root word in verb form, “ignore” as “to refuse to acknowledge, to brush off, to give no attention to.”

Here it is a specific action with a specific intention attached.

A person who ignores the weather per se, is not generally interpreted as a person ignorant of the weather. The latter is generally more passive, “he didn’t know it was cold, and so had worn flip flops and no jacket” and the former an intentional ignoring of something, “he knew it was cold, and didn’t care, chose to wear flip flops anyway.”

I believe the English language needs a separate noun beyond “ignorance” to be defined as “the intentional ignoring of something one has knowledge of.”

Any thoughts? opposing views? Any suggestions of what the word should be?

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