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Blogging for Productivity

I feel like I have heard of this practice elsewhere on the web, but perhaps not.

I’m going to experiment with blogging my daily work, of a work and a personal nature, to attempt to hold myself accountable to get (even) more done each day. Completing my daily tasks for work generally takes 9 to 10 hours of each day, so I really have to make the remaining ones count to get any personal stuff done. Productivity and efficiency are pretty paramount in this phase of my life.

For example, it is 11:27 pm as I type this, so I am currently sacrificing sleep to blog. My 20-month-old doesn’t care that I blogged late tonight, she’s still going to scream for her life at 6 am (or earlier).

Anyway, it’s just a bit of a project to see if I can get back in the habit of blogging more. This site feels… dusty. I don’t like that.

Let’s try it in the morning.

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