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Book it! – My Reading List for 2021.

You would think that in a year where the vast majority of all my social and travel plans were canceled and staying at home was the order of the day, that I would have spent my time getting in amazing shape – or at least getting a lot of reading done. 

Somehow I skillfully dodged both.

But that’s going to change this year. 

More to come on the fitness part, but first I want to share my reading list for 2021. 

The War of Art by Stephen Pressfield

I’ve read this book about half a dozen times, but the last 3-4 have been by audiobook. This year I’m going through it chapter by chapter with some friends. If you haven’t read it yet, consider this another sign from the universe that you’re supposed to read it.

4 Disciplines of Execution by Chris McChesney, Sean Covey, Jim Huling

I’m slightly cheating because I read a few chapters of this book in late 2020. Written by one of the Coveys (of Stephen Covey Planners fame), it’s a little more geared toward business than I was originally thinking. But even a couple chapters in, I can already see that I will be getting a lot of practical life advice out of this book

The Road by Cormac McCarthy

This one has been on my “classics to read” list for years, but after Ryan Holiday’s recent endorsement, I knew I needed to read it soon.

Digital Minimalism by Cal Newport

Despite what my wife may say, I am, in real life at least, a pretty minimalist person. I am also an early-adopter of new tech, which is seemingly juxtaposed in thinking, but I tend to buy fast and get rid of things fast too, because I love getting rid of clutter and simplifying.

My digital life is another story, for sure. I’ve heard enough of Cal Newport’s podcast to know that this book will likely have a BIG impact on pruning my digital life well.

The Road Back to You by Ian Morgan Cron, Suzanne Stabile

As a Type 912, I am often confused about my enneagram type. There has never been a clear consensus of what type I am across the dozen or more tests I’ve taken to find out.

Everyone has had the same advice – “you just need to read the book, and you’ll figure it out.”

So, yeah let’s do it.

12 Rules for Life by Jordan B. Peterson

I have heard at least half a dozen people tell me this book changed their life. I have also seen and read some problematic things from the author on the internet.

But, I still love (and own) the Harry Potter books, so I feel like I owe this book a shot. I’m betting that the positive impact of this book will override any of the problematic things he has said online.

How to Be an Antiracist by Ibram X. Kendi

I meant to read this last year, before I basically gave up reading for a few months. But this kind of education is too important to miss.

Crushing It! by Gary Vaynerchuk

Always been a fan (to a point) of Gary Vee, and considering the new job I’m starting, this will be a great refresher and renewal of marketing passion and drive.

The Book of Joe by Jeff Wilser

Jeff Wilser has been a favorite author of mine for a long time. Also, this book was written long before Biden was a frontrunner in the presidential race. Excited to get a non-hyped, genuine look at our new president.

The Daily Stoic by Ryan Holiday

I have long admire the stoic wisdom I get from the likes of Tim Ferriss and Ryan Holiday, particularly the Daily Dad emails. This seems like a logical next step in learning more about stoic thinking as well as helping developing a daily reading habit.

The Office: The Untold Story by Andy Greene

This book is a massive treasure chest filled with the most interesting and heartwarming stories about my favorite show of all-time. I can barely forgive myself for having not finished it yet. But I will this year.

Necessary Endings by Dr. Henry Cloud

I stumbled across this book not long after I was unceremoniously dropped from a company I loved and worked for for 7 years with no warning and no explanation. Considering how powerful Cloud’s other book, Boundaries, is, it feels like my emotional health needs the benefits this book can bring.

Strong Fathers, Strong Daughters by Dr. Meg Meeker

I have already this book once, on the recommendation of a friend who has 4 daughters of his own. It was immensely helpful in framing my mind as a dad of daughters. It’s worth a re-read now that my second daughter sometimes makes eye contact with me (she’s 6 weeks old now).

The Personal MBA by Josh Kaufman

I have had this paperback for years now, and it’s consistently mocked me for not reading it yet, really taunting me this fall as I was looking for a new job. This is the year I learn its lessons, and shut it up.

Note: When linking this book above, I discovered that last fall Kaufman updated the book with a second edition, so yeah, that’s salt in the wound there.

So there’s my list. 14 books, including two re-reads and two more I’ve read some of already. I think I can make it happen.

I hope to update here, on Goodreads, and on Twitter with my thoughts about these books as I journey through them. Follow me there to keep up.

What are you reading in 2021? 

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