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Dear Codie

Dear Codie,

Have I written you before? I hope so.

I think I have. But I was better at writing Charlie letters, I’ll admit that. Sorry for that.

When you’re older you may realize that having a second kid removes the rest of the margin left in your life from when you had just one.

And I really can’t fathom how people survive with any more than that, especially with both parents having careers.

Anyway, you just turned two. You’re at an age where your cuteness and personality is catching up to your frustrating whiny fits and poopy diapers. I am a big fan of this development, as you may can guess.

Your smile and laugh are different from your sister’s but equally disarming and perfect.

You didn’t talk as much or as early as Charlie did, and that was in no small part to you having a lot of chronic ear infections as a baby and infant. You probably could barely hear us form phrases and words, so you were behind in forming them yourself.

Well, in late November you got tubes in your ears, and the difference is remarkable. You’re less irritable overall and man do you love to talk now! You’re not that great at pronouncing things yet, but that doesn’t stop you from trying, and it’s adorable.

You also LOVE Cocomelon. Charlie wasn’t that into it, she kinda jumped right from Little Baby Bum to Blippi (and now to Bluey), but you are obsessed with Cocomelon. I have mixed feelings on this.

We’re all really hoping you’ll get back to sleeping all the way through the night more often than not, like you did for a long time.

But man do we love you. I gotta be honest with you, having a second kid was probably the scariest thing I’ve agreed to in my life. But so happy you’re a person here with us on the planet, so there ya go.

I gotta go for now, can’t wait to write you more. I’ll try to make more of a habit I promise.

Love, Dad

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