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I’m going to keep podcasting

Sometimes it helps to say things out loud, even to yourself, so you hear them and start to listen to yourself.

My life and job and parenting take up a tremendous amount of my time. And my quest to lose weight takes up even more of the shreds that are left.

But I have so much I want to say.
Are they *really* important things? No.

But I am compelled regularly to make things, to tell stories, to create content.

It’s so easy – especially when life is so busy – to fill the cracks and crevices with pure distraction and pleasure.

For me recently, that’s been Metroid Dread on Switch (podcast episode there for sure) and Galaga Wars on Apple Arcade.

So I have to choose to put those things down for a while.

It’s the time equivalent of empty calories. Minutes that taste good going down for sure. But you’re left un-nourished but having wasted (and waisted) calories on something that isn’t what’s best for you.

So, here I am, wading back into this pool of making.

Yep, just a blog post to start. It’s not much, but it’s a start.

I have a blog here.
I have a youtube channel and a tiktok.
I have a podcast.

In an ideal world, I’d focus all my energy on one channel and *really* start shipping out content.

But for now, I’m happy to at least start making again, for myself.

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