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Let’s get our fit together.

This is a post inviting you to join my team for this summer’s Whole Life Challenge.

It starts July 2nd and runs through Aug. 12th.

What is it?

It’s a team effort that is a commitment to a few basic healthy habits for about 6 weeks that improve your health.

This graphic is a super-basic summary of what it entails.

The whole thing is gamified, so you check in daily on the app, and log your score and reflection. It’s actually very simple and easy to do.

Why would you do this? A few possible reasons:

  • You want to get in better shape.
  • You desperately need to start losing weight so you live longer.
  • You’ve been meaning to stretch more.
  • You care about Drew and want to encourage him by joining his journey.
  • You remember that accountability is about the only way you’ll start to eat healthier or exercise more.
  • You don’t drink enough water and have been wanting to change that.
  • You recently realized you’re about half a year behind on your New Year’s resolutions.
  • Drew is awesome and if me doing this will help keep him accountable, I’m in.
  • I’m just super competitive and if challenge is in the name, I’m in.

Now I don’t which one or how many of those might have appealed to you, but hopefully enough did that you want to join.

Click here to join Drew’s team (Getting Our Fit Together) for the Summer Whole Life Challenge!

I will likely be starting a Marco Polo and our group chat with the team to encourage each other more. Let’s do this!

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