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meek mild.
streak wild.
love bold.
the center is life most true.

this is my life. again.
the light from the moon
like the light from your eyes
makes me comfortable
and when they meet
that’s bliss to me

someday soon
you’ll read my heart
off my sleeve
and we’ll leave
and never be the same again
so at least until then

I’ll just live and enjoy
the looks you give me
the long laughs we share
long talks and good times
with in between lines
that only I read

and I fear the outcome
of blissful ignorance gone
so I prolong my pain
once again, until when
you finally read
my heart off my sleeve

this is my life. again, and again.

this pen doesn’t work
it barely works anyway
like my thoughts today
great intentions and great ideas
ready to bloom, but
they are inhibited, prohibited
by the outlet, or lack thereof
the ink inside the tube is inspired
to greatness but the paper remains blank
like intentions and inaction
like love that remains hidden, suppressed
like hope deferred
this pen doesn’t work
and my heart is sick.

pen sans cap
wearing your heart on your sleeve
is like a pen sans cap
wherever you encounter life
your feelings spill out without regard
to their impact
and the mark you leave
is always tough to remove
and tougher yet to forget

drew tries haiku

Michael Scott. Dwight Schrute.
Big names but it’s all about
Watching Jim and Pam.

Weakness in the spine.
Never well justified as
“Weakness in the knees.”

Nice guys finish last.
But no one told me it’s a
Race to finish first.