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Notes on Neil Patel’s Paid Media Webinar

I’m watching a webinar by Neil Patel. 

It’s 10 Paid Media Predictions for 2023. 

I’m honestly wary of Neil’s stuff, mostly because his site is absolutely spamtastic. So, it’s not a great model to follow if you care about your users experience. 

But there may still be some great things to learn about paid media.

So here I am.

Third-party cookies are ending.

Get first-party data instead. 

Podcast ads will boom even more.

Automation is on the rise.

Amazon, DOC, 

This is the time to double down. 

Your competition will go silent. You won’t.

Flywheel over funnel

The customer is at the center. 

Retargeting and remarketing are your friends. 

Create the culture that lets your best customers evangelize your brand. 

DSP – Demand Side Platform

Collecting reviews will become even more essential.

UGC is more important than ever.

Live shopping will take off.

Voice Search will continue to grow.

Native advertising will grow.

Social Commerce is about to take off.

Reaction: Meh. I guess there’s not *bad* advice here, but nothing really groundbreaking. I guess a “predictions” webinar is not really the place for hot takes, because you want to later be right about them. 


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