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September Sixth

Today I actually ended up getting up early.

Problem is, I’m a day behind on the week’s work.

One of the big downsides to being a one-man marketing department is you get no days off. I mean I can “take” a day off, but unless I planned ahead, those social posts aren’t going out without me. No one else is going to respond to comments or inbound messages.

But I digress: Big things on the docket today:

  • Plan the social weekly calendar (about 80 posts over 14 different channels)
  • Prep and/or design the assets for the week’s social media content
  • Actually schedule out all the ones I can in Meta Business Suite and/or Buffer

You may be asking why I can’t schedule all of them, and I’ll tell you.

There are still some specific content types that are not eligible for scheduling in advance.

For example,

  • Any instagram post that has a collaborator. If you don’t tag the collaborator *when you post the content*, you’re out of luck. And our channels are very collaborative, often more than a post a week is one that’s cross-posted with a different channel we run.
  • Reels content. As you may have guessed, we’re posting more Reels. These are fun, and you can save them as drafts, but not actually schedule them out.
  • LinkedIn posts that have more than one photo. Buffer is very cool, but it doesn’t let you schedule out LinkedIn posts with several photos yet. Hopefully that can be added soon.

Besides those big things above, my day also has this:

  • Drive into town for a team meeting
  • Drive by our secondary warehouse to pack and ship an item that sold on eBay (a different hat I also wear).
  • Engage with or reply to all incoming social media content on all channels.
  • Handle all incoming email

Those last two will inevitably take longer than usual because of the aforementioned day off.

Alright, enough yapping from me. Let’s get to it!

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